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Dilpack Karateteam

I was born in a slum, but the slum wasn't born in me.
Jesse Jackson

Kenya is a great sporting nation with a rich history of sporting legends. Yet in rural Kenya around 70% of people are currently living below the poverty line and access to proper sanitation, clean drinking water, healthcare and an education are often limited or non-existent. This results in the majority of children being excluded from sporting activities due to the lack of money, facilities and programmes. Sports development has long been recognised as a tool for sustainable community development and has massive potential benefits to communities.

All children, regardless of the environment they’re living in or the adversities they’re facing, love to play and experience sports. We feel that children throughout the world should have the opportunity to benefit from sport.

Helping some of these children to develop life skills such as decision-making, organisation and eventually, as they grow to adults – leadership is a worthwhile challenge for us here at Dilpack Kenya. At Dilpack, we allow some children the opportunity to be introduced to Karate by teaching them the skills and knowledge of the sport. Here you will find slum children: some that have run away from home, others that have committed a small crime such as stealing, fighting, etc. Dilpack Kenya management, initiated this a worthy project to encourage some poverty-riddled children to participate in Karate under a supervised program in their leisure time in order to get them off the streets. These young children walk long distances every day to practice Karate as a team here in our premises. As well as funding, we provide an outdoor classroom, which gives them the opportunity to learn many important values that they will hopefully carry with them throughout their life. 

Dilpack Karateteam

Many see karate as a fighting sport, which is its, but as we watch these young participants during competitions and their training sessions, we see that this sport requires the highest level of discipline, focus and self-will. Led by their coach the Dilpack karate team has been performing outstandingly for a few years now.

Dilpack Karateteam I have been watching the Dilpack Kenya Karate Team for a long time and I cannot be more proud.

At the moment Dilpack Kenya provides sponsorship to keep these kids practicing and participating in competitions but with more support, these kids and their coach will go a long, long way. Through moulding and teaching these kids, they are able to focus and come out tops - leaving their competitors miles behind! Dilpack Kenya’s Karate team has displayed excellent performance against other very experienced teams and on numerous occasions they have emerged as the winners of the day.

We’re proud of our children and we hope that we will be able to support them to go further. As they excel in Karate, they don’t only gain recognition, but they take the message of ‘belonging to a team’ with them.

Dilpack Karateteam We believe that if we help to empowering these children, this is the key to changing a child’s life from a life of poverty to a life of possibilities. Sponsoring a child creates a ripple effect. Even slum children have the ability to stand up and make a difference in their community; they can help mould a better future - one that has less of the suffering and pain they endure every day.

With Dilpack’s on-going help, we invite you
to be apart of their journey and witness
what long-term impact this has.