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Dilpack Kenya - Best cut flower packaging solutions

Dilpack Kenya produces and supplies a wide range of high quality packaging products for the African market, with extra focus on Kenyan flower producers: printed and unprinted flexible packaging (film on rolls, sheets and sleeves), flower food and other accessories, such as rubber bands and decorative materials.

As well as a wide range of standard packaging products, Dilpack Kenya also specializes in producing any number of customer-specific products. The in-house design studio transforms customers’ requirements into a unique, customized product.


Vaselife - Cut flower food

Vaselife International is a market driven company developing premium post-harvest cut flower food and care products for a competitive price.
Vaselife International is active in every part of the flower chain, from grower to the final consumer. Using the correct product at each stage of the flower chain maximizes the quality of the flowers, whilst helping to save money by minimize waste, time and labour costs.

Vaselife’s headquarters and research & development department are based in The Netherlands. Production and testing facilities are available in Kenya and The Netherlands. Dilpack Kenya is distributor in Kenya. Some key customers are M&S (UK), Lidl (IL) and key farms in Kenya.

Click here to visit the Vaselife website.


Mapflex International - Fresh vegetable packaging solutions

The purpose of Mapflex International is to improve on the standard method of fresh vegetable packaging for large-scale retailers by offering an innovative game-changing packaging material and methods, EMAP.

The EMAP films typically used for fruit and vegetables are selectively breathable films that offer high clarity, good sealing , and anti-fog properties. Ready-to-eat whole, chopped, peeled, sliced, wedged or shredded fruit, vegetables and herbs can stay longer fresh and travel further afield using equilibrium modified atmosphere packaging (EMAP). All major retailers in Europe are slowly moving to this type of packaging.

EMAP technology has been developed by Dutch based company Perfotec. Dilpack Kenya and Mapflex have a support team on the ground in Kenya with testing facilities.

Click here to visit the Mapflex website.